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I think this perfume is lovely, similar to the original, not quite as warm. Would buy again

Overly strong top note

For me, this fragrance smells too heavily of aniseed. It reminds me of having a line of Sambuca shots served up in a bar.

Inspired by Euphoria by Calvin Klein Amber Reed Diffuser

A really lovely smell and looks attractive too!

Lovely Perfume

Very happy with my purchase. The perfume smells lovely just like the real thing. Will buy again.

Absolutely beautiful. Long lasting and spot on! I love it!

I am so glad for the request to review, it’s absolutely amazing, and I will now ‘only’ purchase from Essence80.

I am very pleased with my Inspired by Number 5 by Chanel - Lillibet Reed Diffuser, it smells absolutely gorgeous and looks very attractive too!

Love it

No idea of it smells like the real thing but I love how it does smell lol. Lasts well too

Inspired by Sauvage by Dior - Davide Scented Candle

I like it a lot very nice 👌

Good price

Recently bought

I recently bought three of your perfumes and love them all. They last for a long time, too
Very pleased and would buy again.

James reed diffuser and room spray

Totally amazed of the smell, beautiful. An incredible likeness to the inspired scent.
I shall be purchasing again.

Great value for money

Very pleased with my purchase had a nice compliment today someone said how lovely I smelled.

Great price.

Lovely smelling perfume. Will buy again.

Alfie creeds

Hubby loves it

Lovely smell

Lovely smelling parfum called Alfie
Wish it would have lingered longer but still worth the purchase.
Delivery was ok

Happy with this for the price it makes a good spray imitation.

Unfortunately they hardly smell and I have two in one small room :( such a shame.


I wanted Alien again but couldn't afford the price of it. Purchased a tester from Essence80 first and I really couldn't tell the difference. Very pleased with it and will order again.

Smells Great

Really lovely smell, has huge hints of Creed. It doesn’t fill the room the smell is very reed based I dare say with bigger reeds the smell may diffuse better. Nice though will buy again 👍

Best Reed diffusers

They never lose their scent. I used to buy Yankee but not anymore.

Good, but room to improve

I'll start by saying, in hindsight, I'm not sure an Aventus Creed dupe is a particularly "good" home fragrance - it's a great scent, but the only room it kind of suited was the bathroom, as it's very "cosmetics/ personal care"; and rather than creating a pleasant fragrance in the air, its very heavy and oppressive - basically it just doesn't seem to work (for me anyway) when it's in a room rather than on a body.

That said, the product itself is very impressive - and almost excellent - it gives a perfect fragrance strength level that throws really well, with a full and well rounded scent (i.e. you can smell the top, heart, and base notes, not just a blast of top notes and then a washed out base as some diffusers deliver): I would definitely buy another home fragrance from this company, just not this one.
I would also note that the reeds they use are rubbish! Using the ones provided, the smell was very, VERY localised and weak - like you couldn't smell a thing unless you were standing right over it - swapping them out for some of the thicker and not that much more expensive ones, the fragrance performance was massively increased, showing off the excellent formulation.
So change the reeds, and with the right fragrance selection it's a great product - but I would say to really consider whether or not a perfume is something you actually want your whole room to smell like! I thought I did, turns out it gets very tired very quickly!

I found the smell lovely and fresh, as an everyday perfume. By evening it wears off. Which is fine love it, would recommend this to a friend.
Thank you 😊

Very pleased with my purchase really smells like the original perfume.

Smells brilliant

Decided to give this company a go and the order did arrive fast and I must say does smell like the original product, and is only a fraction of the cost so definitely worth it